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ULIsf Women's Leadership Initiative
ULIsf Women's Leadership Initiative
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Women’s Leadership Initiative

The mission of the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative is to raise the visibility and number of women leaders in ULI and the real estate industry. The efforts of the Women’s Leadership Initiative are expressed in promoting the advancement of women throughout their careers as leaders in the real estate industry.

Women’s Leadership Initiative

The Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) was launched by ULI, nationally, in early 2012, with the mission of raising the visibility and number of women leaders in ULI and the real estate industry. The WLI Programs committee for the San Francisco District Council delivers programs to help achieve that goal: programs that focus on leadership, that advance WLI’s ambitious objectives, and that ultimately achieve positive change in the industry. The WLI Programs Committee works with other committees within the District Council to ensure that the voices, experiences, and perspectives of women leaders are a regular part of the rich content of the programs that ULI delivers to its diverse membership.

Corie Edwards

Corie A. Edwards

Reuben, Junius, & Rose, LLP

WLI Co-Chair


(415) 297-7067

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Jordan McCarthy

Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.

WLI Co-Chair


(415) 399-6452

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Kathleen Burgi Sandell, WLI

Kathleen Burgi-Sandell

James Capbell Co

WLI Vice-Chair


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Women's Leadership Initiative Posts

UrbanPlan Volunteer Training

UrbanPlan Training

October 16th, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Become an UrbanPlan volunteer! Sign up to attend the volunteer training session this Oct. 16th. To register email Marisita Jarvis at marisita.jarvis@uli.org Learn more about UrbanPlan and what is means to be an UrbanPlan volunteer here.  

ULIsf Welcomes New Manager: Renée van Staveren

Renée van Staveren

ULI San Francisco is excited to welcome our newest manager, Renée van Staveren. A Northern California native, prior to attending college she was an AmeriCorps public health volunteer in San Mateo, followed by work in the e-waste recycling sector in Los Angeles. Renée attended Prescott College where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Community Development, followed by a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal Poly Pomona. While studying, Renée worked with AMMA Transit Planning in the specialized transportation sector, spurring her interest in transportation infrastructure, multimodal transit … Read More

Upcoming UrbanPlan Training Sessions

UrbanPlan Lowell High School

Become an UrbanPlan volunteer! If you are a ULI member with development project experience, the patience to question rather than advise or coach, the time and willingness to learn the details of the UrbanPlan “case,”  and are familiar with city council and/or planning commission meetings, you may be right to become an UrbanPlan volunteer. Please contact Marisita Jarvis if you have any questions or if you wish to sign up for one of the training sessions at Marisita.Jarvis@uli.org, or 510-846-1453. To become a volunteer, only one training session is necessary. … Read More

Attention UrbanPlan Volunteers: Webinar on Revised Curriculum

action_lowell_adam and students 1_5873

ULI is offering a 60 minute webinar to trained UrbanPlan volunteers introducing modifications to the UP curriculum. The webinar is offered on August 7 and again on August 16. Each session will provide a brief, interactive explanation of changes that classroom volunteers will need to understand to be effective Facilitators and City Council Members. Space is limited. (Note that this is not a training session for new volunteers.) Reserve your webinar seat now for August 7, 8:45 a.m. (PT): https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/540313074 Reserve your webinar seat now for August 16 , 8:45 … Read More

Thank You to Our 2012-2013 UrbanPlan Volunteers!


The UrbanPlan program is an integral part of ULI, and simply could not be done without our generous volunteers. These individuals have donated their time to help ULI and students throughout the Bay Area by volunteering for UrbanPlan. On behalf of ULI, we would like express our thanks to the 2012-2013 UrbanPlan volunteers: Dave Alden | Arakel Arisian | Neal Aronson | Carolina Baasch | Stephen Baird | Paula Blasier | Stuart Block | Curt Blomstrand | Michael Bordoni | Cathy Brown | Greta Brownlow | Anna Chambers | Sean Charpentier … Read More