Volunteer for UrbanPlan

"Until you’ve done UrbanPlan, you can’t grasp the power of the program. We senior level development professionals must step up as volunteers. The time commitment is minor; the impact is powerful - immediately and long term."
- Connie Moore, ULIsf Sponsorship Co-Chair

Volunteer for UrbanPlan

UrbanPlan thrives due to the generosity and commitment of ULI San Francisco’s members and sponsors. Volunteering with Urban Plan is a great way to interact with students, share your subject matter expertise, and connect with fellow ULI members. More ULI members volunteer through UrbanPlan than any other ULI program.

Volunteers make a huge impact in the classroom and have the flexibility to work around demands on their schedule. After attending the required one-day UrbanPlan training session offered throughout the year, volunteers may spend as little as one hour per semester in the classroom.

Volunteer Training Session

Before serving as a classroom volunteer, members first participate in a day long training session, where they are assigned roles in the development team and engage in a “lightning-round” version of the exercise. Once training is complete, volunteers will be notified throughout the year of volunteer opportunities, which range from 1 to 3 hours.

UrbanPlan volunteer training sessions are held 2-3 times per year and scheduled on a rolling basis. The next UrbanPlan trainings will be:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please submit an application using the link shown below and provide your resume to be considered for future training opportunities.  

Friday, February 3rd, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, San Francisco, Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP
Friday, February 10th, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM,  San Mateo, Sares Regis.

Interested in volunteering?

Please complete the online form Volunteer Application and send your resume/cv to sam.woodburn@uli.org for your application to be finalized. 

Volunteer Resources

Current UrbanPlan Volunteers – find the most current resources, curriculum and class schedules here.


Marisita Jarvis

UrbanPlan Coordinator


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Sam Woodburn

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