Volunteer for UrbanPlan

"Until you’ve done UrbanPlan, you can’t grasp the power of the program. We senior level development professionals must step up as volunteers. The time commitment is minor; the impact is powerful - immediately and long term."
- Connie Moore, ULIsf Sponsorship Co-Chair

Volunteer for UrbanPlan

To be considered for upcoming training opportunities, please submit an application using the form linked

UrbanPlan thrives due to the generosity and commitment of ULI San Francisco’s members and sponsors. Volunteering with Urban Plan is a great way to interact with students, share your subject matter expertise, and connect with fellow ULI members. More ULI members volunteer through UrbanPlan than any other ULI program. Volunteers make a huge impact in the classroom and have the flexibility to work around demands on their schedule.

Volunteer Training Requirement

Before serving as a classroom volunteer, members first participate in a required day long training session, where they are assigned roles on a development team and engage in a “lightning-round” version of the exercise. Once trained, you are encouraged to sign-up for opportunities to volunteer in the classroom, which range from 1 to 3 hours.

UrbanPlan volunteer training sessions occur a couple times per year and are typically scheduled at the start of each new semester.

Volunteer Resources

Current UrbanPlan Volunteers – find the latest UP curriculum and resources here.

Julie Luu

Senior Associate


(628) 245-2407