UrbanPlan for High School

By revealing the physical, social and economic forces that dictate how cities are designed, UrbanPlan help students become tomorrow's informed citizens and civic leaders.

UrbanPlan for High School

Creating Informed Citizens

UrbanPlan for High Schools is a powerful and engaging program that challenges students to consider how economics, urban planning, and local politics shape our lives, communities, and cities. It requires that students not to look for a definitive “correct” answer, but pragmatically weigh the pros and cons of complex real world decisions.

The curriculum for UrbanPlan for High Schools is developed for economics and selected government classes. The curriculum aligns with all state and national content standards for high school economics and provides a much-needed local government component to government classes.

For more details see the Teacher FAQ

Is UrbanPlan right for you and your students?

Every teacher teaching UrbanPlan has asked the same questions you are probably asking yourself now:

  • Can my students perform optimally on their standardized and/or AP tests if I incorporate UrbanPlan in my curriculum?
  • Will the value of the student takeaway be commensurate with the 15 class hours the program requires?
  • I teach 3 to 5 classes a day. I have no time to recruit or manage volunteers and no budget for any materials. Can a real teacher in a real school do this?

These teachers, including those in some of the country’s most demanding high schools have answered “YES“. Additionally, over 98% of all teachers who introduce UrbanPlan in their curriculum continue teaching the program.

Download our Teacher FAQ document to learn more, including:

  • What is UrbanPlan and who created it?
  • Who should teach UrbanPlan?
  • How does it work in the classroom?
  • What are the threshold competencies required for UrbanPlan?
  • Why is UrbanPlan right for me? My students?
  • Group projects skeptic? Why and how UrbanPlan is different.
  • How does UrbanPlan address core content standards and skills?
  • Why not use a “real project” in my town?
  • What are the resource demands on me and my school?
  • What teacher training is available?

Bring UrbanPlan to Your Classroom

Contact ULI San Francisco Executive Director Michelle Frey or Senior Associate Julie Luu to learn more about how to bring the UrbanPlan program to your classroom

Michelle Malanca Frey

Executive Director


(628) 245-2406

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Julie Luu

Senior Associate


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