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UrbanPlan Volunteer Training

Don't miss this opportunity to be trained as an UrbanPlan volunteer February 3rd or 10th!

UrbanPlan Volunteer Training

Don’t miss your opportunity to be trained as an UrbanPlan volunteer! Participate in the February 3rd or February 10th volunteer trainings and join the ranks of ULI UrbanPlan volunteers that have reached over 20,000 high school and university students across the country since 2003. Make an impact in the future of land use by attending this one-day training. It will prepare you to assist students who are learning the essence of development: how the forces of our market economy clash and collaborate with the non-market forces of our representative democracy to create the built environment – providing the foundation required for any informed land used discussion.

If you are a ULI member with development project experience, the patience to question rather than advise or coach, the time and willingness to learn the details of the UrbanPlan “case,” and are familiar with city council and/or planning commission meetings, you should contact Marisita Jarvis and sign up for this training. After the one day training, you can volunteer for as little time as one class period per school year or as much as you are able to do it.

To sign up: please complete the online form Volunteer Application and send your resume/cv to sam.woodburn@uli.org for your application to be finalized.

Learn more about UrbanPlan on the UrbanPlan webpage or check out the UrbanPlan FAQ document.