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TAP Archives

Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) provide expert, multidisciplinary advice to local governments, public agencies and nonprofit organizations facing complex land use and real estate issues in the greater Bay Area. Drawing from our seasoned professional membership base, ULI San Francisco offers objective and responsible guidance on a variety of land use and real estate issues ranging from site-specific projects to public policy questions.

TAP Archives

Years before ULI San Francisco launched our own Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) program, ULI headquarters organized several Advisory Services Panels, bringing ULI’s expert, multidisciplinary advice to non-profit organizations and public agencies across the region. Similar to Technical Assistance Panels but often more comprehensive in scope, ULI’s Advisory Services Panels have helped Bay Area cities from Stockton to San Jose plan for future growth and develop responsibly.

We are pleased to present an archive of previous Bay Area Advisory Services and Technical Assistance Panels from 1982 to the present. Browse and download past TAP reports in the menu on the right or contact ULI San Francisco Executive Director Michelle Malanca Frey for further information on the TAPs program.

Michelle Malanca Frey

Executive Director

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Natalie Sandoval

Senior Director

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