TAP Testimonials

A Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) is an opportunity to receive objective, high-level analysis from senior-level real estate and land use experts who are not normally available for hire.

TAP Testimonials


The caliber of participants was exceptional, and the City could never have hired people with this quality of experience to provide the type of insight and perspective we received. It was rewarding to hear validation of a number of proposed policies and actions, along with recommendations for what actions would be most effective immediately in order to get our Downtown moving for6ard. It is important to note that the TAP didn’t hold back in identifying things that need to be changed and haven’t yet been addressed, but did so in a helpful and constructive manner. The TAP process served as a catalyst for energizing stakeholders and decision-makers, and I look forward to seeing the positive changes that result.

– Carol Johnson, former Planning Manager, City of Concord


On behalf of the City of Brisbane, I wanted to again thank ULI and the panelists who participated in our TAP. We appreciate the time and talent volunteered by the panelists, and their passion and enthusiasm for the work they undertook in Brisbane was apparent to everyone who had the honor of participating.

Aside from their enthusiasm, the Panel provided a formidable, multi-disciplinary array of talent. The City was fortunate to benefit from their independent perspective and wealth of technical knowledge and professional experience they brought to the issue at hand. We look forward to using the TAP report as a springboard to very important and exciting community discussions regarding the City’s future.

I would strongly recommend ULI’s TAP Program to my peers and colleagues facing complex land use issues.

– John A. Swiecki, Community Development Director, City of Brisbane


Over the course of two busy days, the ULI TAP was able to assess the challenges, see the opportunities, and offer real world recommendations to vexing development problems. Many of the TAP’s recommendations were added to the Ravenswood Business District Specific Plan and also identified as priorities in the City’s Economic Development Strategy.

-Sean Charpentier, former Economic Development Coordinator, City of East Palo Alto


The TAP process was enormously helpful By convening a variety of seasoned professionals from the fields of architecture, real estate development, and planning, TAP provided a impressive set of perspective on our proposed project. We gained practical guidance and advice to help us implement our vision to provide a campus for comprehensive services for the homeless in Santa Rosa.

-Nick Stewart, Burbank Housing Development Corporation (BHDC), Santa Rosa, California


The people who contributed their time were the best in the business – experts who cannot otherwise be assembled at any price. The panel’s top-quality advice was objective and created the framework for getting the job done. I can think of no other program that provides such a service.

-Ceil Cirillo, Housing and Development Services, Catholic Charities, San Jose, California


The TAP panel was fantastic! The opportunity to “step back” and take a look at the issues with experts was invaluable. Based on the analysis provided by the panel, we have made some positive changes in the development, especially regarding the viability of retail at this site.

-Chris Block,  Housing and Development Services, Catholic Charities, San Jose, California


Not only did the panel members volunteer a day to us, they left us with many ideas and perspectives based on extensive professional experience. In my view, nothing is more valuable at this stage of proceeding than the years of involvement and scar tissue that the TAP panel brings to the table.

-Brian R. Van Camp, Chairman, Board of Directors, Capitol Area Development Authority, Sacramento, California


The TAP helped us better understand how we can optimally utilize our limited assets and I am happy to say that we did exactly what was recommended and we were successful.

-Sam Ruiz, Executive Director, Mission Neighborhood Center (MNC), San Francisco, California


The ULI TAP panel provided an important piece to our overall urban planning and implementation. It’s one reason we’re not just seen as a suburb anymore, but a growing community of diverse business, residential, entertainment, and employment opportunities

-Jeff Schwob, Planning Director, City of Fremont, Fremont, California