Infrastructure & TOD

ULI San Francisco seeks to improve the economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability of the Bay Area through increasing investment in smart infrastructure, especially transit and transit-oriented development (TOD).

Infrastructure & TOD

Our specific objectives include:

  • Educate private sector land-use professionals on TOD opportunities;
  • Provide strategies and tools to regional agencies and local jurisdictions to facilitate the development of well-designed, economically feasible TOD;
  • Assist Bay Area agencies to prioritize smart infrastructure investments; and
  • Identify and promulgate tools for regional infrastructure financing.

Strategies for Attracting Investment Near Transit: Lessons Learned from the Bay Area

ULI San Francisco is pleased to release “10 Strategies for Attracting Investment Near Transit: Lessons Learned from the San Francisco Bay Area.” This report elevates the ten most common or compelling recommendations made by ULI Technical Assistance Panels as part of the TOD MarketPlace program. Launched by ULI San Francisco in 2005, the TOD MarketPlace program brings together teams of for-profit and non-profit developers, economists and urban designers to form Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs), which work with city representatives to evaluate transit-oriented development plans in the Bay Area. While the recommendations in the report were developed for specific communities in the Bay Area, there are many common lessons that can be applied in other U.S. regions aiming to implement transit-oriented development.

TOD MarketPlace: Connecting Developers and Cities to Transit-Oriented Development

First launched in 2005, TOD MarketPlace brings city officials and developers together around transit-oriented plans and development opportunities. Over the next decade, the Bay Area will spend over $10 billion in transit investments. We have created a one-day intensive forum for exchange of best practices and TOD-plans feedback sessions. We co-sponsor the TOD MarketPlace with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Association of Bay Area Governments, Reconnecting America, and the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California.