Committee Members

We are excited and thankful for our assembled group of experts who are guiding the solutions and content for this Fall's summit. Housing the Bay is member-driven initiative to tackle some of the root causes of the housing issue and deliver innovative solutions in the realms of financing, construction costs, policy, and the public process.

Committee Members

Housing the Bay is a top priority for ULI San Francisco. We are extremely grateful to those who sit on our Steering Committee and participate in our working groups. Thank you for your exceptional leadership.

Steering Committee Members:
Wendi Baker, Harmonie Park Development
Xiomara Cisneros, Brisbane Baylands
Linda Crouse, BAR Architects
Michelle Frey, Executive Director, ULI SF
Savlan Hauser, Jack London BID
Nikki Lowy, Landed
Chelsea Maclean, Holland & Knight LLP
Diane Oshima, Port of San Francisco
Amit Price Patel, SITELAB urban studio
Libby Seifel, Seifel Consulting
Susan Sagy, Urban Land Development
Natalie Sandoval, Director, ULI SF
Eric Tao, AGI Capital

Kim Diamond, Trumark Urban
Carol Galante, Terner Center for Housing Innovation
Linda Mandollini, CEO, Eden Housing
Connie Moore, former CEO, BRE
Denise Pinkston, TMG Partners
John Rahaim, Director of Planning, City of San Francisco Planning
Stockton Williams, ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing

Cost of Building:
Wendi Baker, Harmonie Park Development (Co-Chair)
David Garcia, Terner Center for Housing Innovation
Chelsea Maclean, Holland & Knight LLP
Scott Littlehale, Northern CA Carpenters Union
Adhi Nagraj, BRIDGE Housing
Cheryl O’Connor, HomeAid Northern CA
Amit Price Patel, SITELAB urban studio (Co-Chair)
Allie Stein, BRIDGE Housing
Sara Draper Zivetz , Terner Center for Housing Innovation

Innovative Financing:
Emily Lesk, City of San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development
Nikki Lowy, Landed
Diane Olmstead
Susan Sagy, Urban Land Development
Libby Seifel, Seifel Consulting
Eric Tao, AGI Capital (Chair)

Public Process:
Xiomara Cisneros, Brisbane Baylands (Co-Chair)
Lynette Dias, Urban Planning Partners
Savlan Hauser, Jack London BID (Co-Chair)
Alexandra Goldman, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation
Diane Oshima, Port of San Francisco
Corey Smith, SFHAC
Jessie Stewart, Align
Kristy Wang, SPUR