California-Wide Land Use Reform

Leveraging ULI San Francisco’s reputation as a trusted thought leader in land use, we aim to effectively impact California-wide land use policy by combining resources with ULI Sacramento, ULI Orange County/Inland Empire, ULI Los Angeles, and ULI San Diego/Tijuana as well as ULI Headquarters, foundations, and other allied organizations.

California-Wide Land Use Reform

After Redevelopment White Paper:

A working group of ULIsf prepared the paper, After Redevelopment: New Tools and Strategies to Promote Economic Development and Build Sustainable Communities, to recommend a comprehensive set of tools to promote economic development and build sustainable and healthy communities in California given the demise of redevelopment. Representatives from all 5 California ULI District Councils provided important input and support for these recommendations.

The white paper provides a brief overview of California’s redevelopment program, which was dissolved as of February 1, 2012, followed by key lessons learned and important redevelopment tools lost in 2012. The paper concludes with recommendations that were guided by four policy objectives developed by the ULI working group.

Read the full Press Release.

SB375 Impact Analysis Report

Our efforts focus on California’s Smart Growth Law SB375 implementation and CEQA streamlining, statewide infrastructure priorities including high-speed rail, and public financing for major urban revitalization projects. ULI’s four California District Councils published the SB375 Impact Analysis Report in June 2010. The report examines the potential effects of California Senate Bill 375 on the economic future for the state and the quality of life for its residents.

CEQA Streamlining Proposal

Building on the recommendations posed in the SB375 Impact Analysis Report, in April 2011 ULI San Francisco has brought forth several California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) streamlining proposals, including expanding opportunities for project exemptions and tiering for infill projects. The proposals outlined in the report aim to enhance the ability of infill and transit-oriented projects that meet the criteria of sustainable development under SB375 to proceed through the entitlement process, relying on prior regional and local jurisdictional community or area wide CEQA determinations.

2010 High-Speed Rail Summit

In fall 2009, the ULI California District Councils received a prestigious ULI Community Action Grant to host a High-Speed Rail TOD Summit, modeled after ULI San Francisco’s own TOD MarketPlace. The Summit took place in September 2010 in Anaheim, home to the first phase of high-speed rail. Attendees learned about successful high-speed rail networks in France and China and discussed future development opportunities along California’s rail corridor with experts from across the State.  Please visit the High-Speed Rail TOD Summit website to learn more.

California 2020

In 2008, a diverse group of civic leaders, environmentalists, business leaders, planners, affordable housing advocates and builders convened by the ULI San Francisco District Council and prepared a draft paper setting forth goals and principals for improving quality of life in California through responsible land use decision-making. The draft, entitled California 2020, outlines growth challenges and proposes a set of high-priority actions.