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YLG Get the Scoop on Challenges of Mission Bay

In sturdy boots and long pants, the ULI YLG convened at the DPR job site trailer for the UCSF Medical Center currently under construction in the heart of Mission Bay.  The trailers on the construction site are vast, interconnected and filled with the key members of the team (client, contractor, consultants, etc) from various disciplines all working closely together on this groundbreaking hospital complex.  The success of bringing the team together onsite every day for efficient problem solving and integration is evidenced by the fact that this massive and complicated project is still on schedule and on budget.

It was standing room only in the trailer conference room as the group listened intently as Holly Houston, Director of Communications, walked them through UCSF’s ambitious goals and highlighted the importance of the project to the community.   The UCSF Medical is not just about building another hospital; it is about creating the ultimate healing environment.  The $1.52 billion dollar project will create three separate hospitals that act as one, seek LEED Gold, and be the first ground up hospital built in San Francisco in over 30 years.

Holly and her team then walked the group around the massive building under construction, pointing out the different features and architectural elements.  Since it was about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the job site was bustling with workers and the ULI group was too large to walk through the building without disrupting the flow of work.  So we continued down 3rd Street to look at the patient mockup rooms.

The ULI group was able to step into fully finished and furnished patient rooms which were built to bring to life the principals of evidence-informed design and sustainability that guided every decision made during their creation.  In addition to the attention spent towards clinical and patient safety, the rooms were also designed to enhance the patient and family experience.  Most notable are the oversized windows in each room and the furniture for the family staying with the patients.   The efforts put forth on the mock-up rooms were well spent.  As a result of being able to visualize and experience the rooms, the medical staff that will be working in these rooms initiated design changes to further enhance the operational efficiency and comfort.  Drawings are not always the most effective in communicating a  three dimensional experience.  The ULI group walked away from the UCSF Medical Center site impressed by the whole process.  It was clear to everyone that this project is setting a new benchmark for transformative healthcare.  And how exciting it is to have this happening in our own backyard!

With the sun shining, the group walked a little further down the street to the construction site for Mission Bay Blocks 2 and 3 West.  This is mulit-family housing project being built by Nibbi Brothers.   After hard hats, safety glasses, and safety vests were passed out, the project managers and superintendents from Nibbi Brothers gave an overview of the 2 adjacent projects and where they stood.  Block 2 is a 455,000 SF 8 and 6-story concrete housing development with 2 stories of parking.  Block 3 West is a 227,000 SF 6-story concrete housing development.  Through the sites are adjacent, both are pursuing LEED Silver, and the general contractor is the same, they are two distinct projects with separate developers.  The soil conditions in Mission Bay make it a challenging place to build, and these sites were no different.  The buildings are supported by steel H-piles that extend up to 245 feet into the bedrock and have a foundation that includes a methane barrier.

After commencing the hard hat tour of both job sites, the group headed over to Mission Rock Resort to close out the event in true YLG form:  content followed by cocktails.

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Authored by: Michaela Chlouba, Project Frog

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