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ULI Technical Assistance Builds Momentum for Brisbane and Concord

Cities today are facing many challenges. Strained budgets, tense political environments, and limited staff capacity are just a few of the obstacles jurisdictions must contend with during the community planning process.

In the last three months, ULI San Francisco held two Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) for the City of Brisbane and, most recently, the City of Concord, to provide expert, multidisciplinary advice to these cities facing complex land use and real estate issues. The following video is a summation of the TAP program and process based on the Panel work in Brisbane, California.

The San Francisco District Council of the Urban Land Institute is opening a call for proposals from Northern California cities, public agencies and nonprofits to enlist ULI Technical Assistance Panels program. ULI San Francisco has conducted 34 TAPs in Northern California – from San Jose to Sacramento to Santa Rosa – and their strong reception and results led to ULI’s expansion of the program to accommodate more applicants.

“The TAP process was enormously helpful…(in) implementing our vision.”
-Nick Stewart, BHDC, Santa Rosa

“The ULI Panel…is one reason we’re not just seen as a suburb anymore,
but a growing community.”
-Jeff Schwob, City of Fremont

“The TAP people were the best in the business…and created the framework
for getting the job done.”
-Ceil Cirillo, Catholic Charities

ULI draws from its Northern California membership of nearly 2,000 professionals in land-use – from designers and developers to financial, legal and marketing experts – to provide a small team volunteering their time to each panel. While a small fee covers administrative and overhead costs, the ULI TAP provides cities and organizations an arms-length perspective on land-use planning, to tap into market-based drivers to meet their goals.

For more information, cities, government agencies and nonprofits should contact Elliot Stein, Executive Director of ULI San Francisco, or visit the TAPs information page at: http://sf.uli.org/uli-in-action/technical-assistance-panels/.

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