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Call For Proposals: ULIsf Shark Tank Series

Shark Tank, ULIsf’s marquee event that presenters and audience members never forget, is gearing up again! Tailored after the popular TV Show and following the huge success of Shark Tank in January 2013, this exclusive, non-public event brings together local real estate entrepreneurs and a panel of “sharks” to vet their proposals in the context of the volunteer investment committee’s decades of experience. our last committee featured representatives from Morgan Stanley, Prudential, Rockwood and Pacific Urban Residential.

Randy Miller of Nautilus, commenting on his experience of presenting a student housing project at our last Shark Tank event, said, “The event was great. It was an outstanding opportunity to get presentation experience, real criticism and feedback on a project before going to other banks or investors. I would highly recommend the event to future presenters.”

The application period for fall 2013 is now open through August 8 to eligible developers and project sponsors. Successful candidates will have real world experience with real estate development, an active and interesting deal to discuss (preference given to urban infill in the San Francisco Bay Area), and the ability to make a concise and captivating presentation.

Two interesting and diverse investment proposals will be selected to be presented to a panel of sharks, who will critique the presentations and ask hard-hitting questions leveraging their experiences, critical evaluation methods and quick wits. The event offers a unique, dynamic and real world look into the behind-the-scenes machinery of getting a real estate investment deal done in San Francisco. Erik Robbins, another prior presenter said, “I never thought I could have so much fun having my project dissected. Two thumbs up!

Read more and download the Shark Tank Request for Proposals.

Applications should be submitted to Will Heywood at will.heywood@uli.org before 11:59 p.m. on August 8.

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