UrbanPlan Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Roles

Facilitator: Facilitators engage in Socratic interaction twice with the student teams over the course of the 15 class hour project and prior to the presentations. This process is transformative to the students’ insights and capacities.

UrbanPlan Volunteer Refresher – FACILITATOR from ULI San Francisco on Vimeo.

City Council: The “City Council” hears the student proposals, challenges them as would a City Council, and awards the development contract to the winning “developer.”

UrbanPlan Volunteer Refresher – CITY COUNCIL from ULI San Francisco on Vimeo.

Presenter: create an interactive session with the students on an aspect of their work that relates to the issues and decisions the students are struggling with in UrbanPlan.

Urban Plan Volunteer Refresher – PRESENTER from ULI San Francisco on Vimeo.

For a complete description of volunteer roles Download our UrbanPlan Volunteer Fact Sheet

UrbanPlan Revised Curriculum

UrbanPlan Revised Curriculum – Classroom Volunteers FAQ Webinar from ULI San Francisco on Vimeo.  This video is a recording of the August 16, 2013 webinar that covers the modifications to the UP curriculum that trained volunteers need to know to be effective Facilitators and City Council Members. This is not a training session for new volunteers or a refresher training for existing volunteers.