UrbanPlan for Communities

ULI San Francisco aims to engage public officials in an interactive dialogue about the challenging issues, varying private and public sector roles, complex tradeoffs, and economics that are at play in land use in communities across the country.

Through the UrbanPlan for Public Officials, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own role in the shaping of the built environment and the tools to create a collaborative relationship with private sector partners to make city-led projects a success.

UrbanPlan for Communities


About UrbanPlan for Communities:

UrbanPlan for Communities workshops are ideal for local decision makers who would like to learn more about the fundamental forces that shape and affect the built environment and the important leadership roles that elected and appointed officials play in the real estate development process.

The workshop will enable public officials to better understand the trade-offs and risk at play in the entitlement and negotiation process associated with land use, especially in public/private partnerships. The UrbanPlan case study is an example of a city-led redevelopment effort where compromise needs to be met between the locality, development team selected in the RFP, and the community.

Who Should Attend the Workshop?

The workshop is intended for elected officials, such as mayors and city council members, as well as appointed officials, such as planning commission members. Typically, the workshop is offered to regional audiences of public officials. The workshop can also, by special arrangement, be offered to elected officials from one jurisdiction, local citizens’ groups, or senior departmental staff.

What to Expect at the Workshop:

The workshop typically runs six hours and includes lunch. The agenda for the workshop is as follows:

  • Overview
  • Teams work on vision for RFP proposal
  • Teams build out their proposal
  • Facilitators visit teams
  • Networking lunch
  • Teams revise their proposal
  • Facilitators visit teams a second time
  • Teams finalize their proposal and present it to the Selection Committee
  • ULI member presents case study of local project
  • Discussion of how the workshop will affect the work of public officials in their own community

Take a look at a sample agenda for a UP4C workshop.


UrbanPlan workshops benefit from ULI members who volunteer their time to participate in the program and bring a sense of reality to the case study. It presents an opportunity for senior real estate professionals to volunteer and create a dialogue between the private and public sectors that will help improve the community. Volunteers are critical to the success of the program.

All volunteers (regardless of the role you want to play) must be trained UrbanPlan volunteers who have participated in the high school classroom UrbanPlan program. To get on the list of UrbanPlan for Communities volunteers, please email Julie Luu at Julie.luu@uli.org.

Volunteers Roles:
  • Team Advisor: Help teams translate their ideas into the pro-forma template. Volunteers must be familiar with the UrbanPlan pro-forma template, and adept at spreadsheets. Time commitment: 6 hours each workshop.
  • Facilitator: Meet, consult, and advise the teams two times during the day. Volunteers must have real estate experience, be familiar with the Elmwood case and be able to guide participants and give good advice. Time commitment: 2 hours each workshop.
  • Selection Committee: Serve on the mock City Council at the end of the day. Volunteers must be familiar with the Elmwood case study and RFP in order to ask good questions. Time commitment: 1-2 hours each workshop

To learn how to bring an UrbanPlan for Communities workshop to your city or organization, please contact ULI San Francisco Senior Director Natalie Sandoval. For information on how to volunteer at an UrbanPlan for Communities workshop, please contact ULI San Francisco Senior Associate Julie Luu.

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