UrbanPlan for Public Officials

UrbanPlan for Public Officials


About UrbanPlan for Public Officials:

UrbanPlan for Public Officials workshops are ideal for local decision makers who would like to learn more about the fundamental forces that shape and affect the built environment and the important leadership roles that elected and appointed officials play in the real estate development process.

The workshop will enable public officials to better understand the trade-offs and risk at play in the entitlement and negotiation process associated with land use, especially in public/private partnerships. The UrbanPlan case study is an example of a city-led redevelopment effort where compromise needs to be met between the locality, development team selected in the RFP, and the community.


ULI SF volunteers will be needed for upcoming UrbanPlan for Public Officials sessions. Volunteers must be trained UrbanPlan volunteers who have had previous experience volunteering in the classroom through ULI SF’s UrbanPlan program.

Interested volunteers can contact Julie Luu at julie.luu@uli.org to be considered for a volunteer spot in an upcoming ULI SF UrbanPlan for Public Officials session.

Julie Luu



(628) 245-2407