ULI San Francisco: Leadership Equity Training


Thursday, February 4th, 2021
to Friday, February 5th, 2021

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    As part of ULI SF’s continuing efforts to increase member and staff awareness and understanding around racial equity, diversity, and inclusion, we have engaged Dr. Kira Hudson Banks to conduct a training on Developing an Equity Mindset. The training will take place virtually over two half-day sessions on February 4 and February 5. This is an invite-only training that is open to our Executive Board and committee leaders.
    Developing an Equity Mindset: Foundational Concepts
    Session 1 will lay the groundwork on the systems-focused approach of applying a racial equity lens to create lasting and sustainable change. Dr. Banks will lead us through understanding the distinctions between equity and equality in addition to diversity and inclusion and provide examples to aid in making the complex topics related to racial equity more accessible.

    Developing an Equity Mindset: Next Steps
    Session 2 will focus on the role of an individual within an organization committed to system-level change. It builds on the foundation from part 1 to help identify a personal sphere of influence to move equity forward within ULI and the industry. We’ll be breaking out into small groups to discuss topics including unconscious bias, intergroup interactions in the workplace, developing a common language and vocabulary, and how to be accountable for change.
    These trainings are intended to support our leader’s work inside and outside of ULI as equity, diversity, and inclusion are becoming increasingly central to our business.