ULI San Francisco: UrbanPlan New Volunteer Training (SOLD OUT)


2022-08-10T12:00:00 - 2022-08-10T16:30:00

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    Are you interested in having an impact on the future of development and citizen engagement? Do you have a passion in introducing the next generation of diverse leaders to our industry? If so, ULI’s UrbanPlan program is a rewarding way to spend some of your volunteer time giving back in your community!
    What is UrbanPlan?
    ULI’s UrbanPlan program harnesses the power of experiential learning to help participants gain an understanding of the complex nature of land-use decisions and the role each of us plays in creating better communities.
    UrbanPlan engages learners in a powerful case study that puts them in the middle of a fictional city's neighborhood redevelopment project. They step into the shoes of a developer and respond to a fictitious Request for Proposals where they grapple with design, city goals, community requests, and making sure the project is financially viable.
    ULI’s network of District Councils work with educators at local high schools and universities to bring UrbanPlan to students over a 2-3 week period. Some even deliver UrbanPlan to public officials and community members in a challenging shorter workshop. Through all these deliveries, ULI is prioritizing DEI goals so that UrbanPlan is reaching under-served schools and communities.
    Volunteering with UrbanPlan
    Trained volunteers serve in classrooms and workshops as Facilitators as the teams build their proposals or as members of a mock City Council for final presentations. They are tasked with challenging participants to think more critically about the UrbanPlan issues and the specific responsibilities of their "roles."
    As an UrbanPlan volunteer, you will:
    • make an impact in the community and on the next generation of engaged citizens
    • share your professional expertise and demonstrate why a career in commercial real estate is compelling and meaningful
    • network with peers across the real estate and land-use industries
    The training and volunteer time commitment includes:
    • completing a mandatory pre-work (one hour)
    • attending this virtual training session – this includes a building component where you learn the case and then a session on how to be an effective volunteer
    • minimum of 1 hour of volunteering time annually - typical commitment is 2 hours every quarter