ULI San Francisco: UrbanPlan Updated Curriculum Trainings for Existing Volunteers


2022-07-14T12:00:00 - 2022-07-14T13:30:00

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    If you are an existing UrbanPlan volunteer, we have the following virtual opportunities for you to get trained in the updated curriculum. Starting this summer, the old UrbanPlan curriculum will officially be retired, and all schools and community workshops will transition to the new curriculum. If you’re an existing UrbanPlan volunteer, you must complete an updated curriculum training to volunteer in classrooms and community workshops using the new curriculum.

    Please consider registering for one of these training opportunities. The trainings are free but do require registration in advance since space is limited and there are some materials to review in advance. The training will last 90 minutes. 
    If you’ve never been trained in UrbanPlan, you can apply to join an upcoming new volunteer training here. New volunteer trainings are held virtually and in-person several times each year.
    We hope you will get trained in the new curriculum and join us in the classrooms or workshops as a volunteer. The UrbanPlan program wouldn’t be possible without the generous help of our volunteers!