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Central SOMA DeTour(ed)

On November 16 the San Francisco chapter of the ULI Young Leaders Group held the latest installment of DeTour, this time walking the streets of Central SOMA and mapping out some of the largest projects on the drawing board in San Francisco. The catalyst for this boom of planned growth is the Central SOMA Plan, for which a revised draft was formally unveiled by the City this last summer and which is expected to be fully approved in 2017. The Specific Plan up-zones a large portion of the Central South … Read More

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YLG Get the Scoop on Challenges of Mission Bay

In sturdy boots and long pants, the ULI YLG convened at the DPR job site trailer for the UCSF Medical Center currently under construction in the heart of Mission Bay.  The trailers on the construction site are vast, interconnected and filled with the key members of the team (client, contractor, consultants, etc) from various disciplines all working closely together on this groundbreaking hospital complex.  The success of bringing the team together onsite every day for efficient problem solving and integration is evidenced by the fact that this massive and complicated … Read More

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