An Executive Summary with Mike Jameson

The Executive Summary is a brief video series in which Bay Area real estate and land use professionals discuss the arc of their careers, personal interests, and the impact of ULI on their careers.

An Executive Summary with Mike Jameson

Mike is Managing Director of Prudential Mortgage Capital Company located in San Francisco. He is responsible for managing the firm’s third-party, commercial mortgage asset management.  Jameson began his career in real estate as assistant to the President for the Shorenstein Company.  He was a retail leasing agent for Norris, Beggs and Simpson, a regional commercial brokerage firm, prior to joining Prudential in 1990.  Jameson holds degrees from UC Davis and Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

Mike is an active member of the Urban Land Institute and is the current Chair of our 1,800-member ULI San Francisco District Council. Prior to becoming Chair, he was actively involved in many capacities within ULI, including Chairman of Sponsorship and longtime UrbanPlan volunteer.

Full-Length Interview

My name is Mike Jameson, I’m with Prudential Mortgage Capital Company here in San Francisco and I’m the Chairman of the San Francisco District Council of the ULI.

First Job in Real Estate / Land Use Field:

My first job was in 1985 and I started out as a leasing broker with Norris, Beggs & Simpson; and I was a miserable failure.  Fortunately, that allowed me to get a new job and I went to work for the Shorenstein family which was a great experience for me.

Mentors in Your Career:

I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve had a number of mentors both with the Shorenstein company and here at Prudential.  Really what I’ve learned from them is really the need to work hard, to be honest and to also be confident in my decision making.

Greatest Career Satisfaction:

I think my greatest source of satisfaction is the relationships that I’ve been able to build over time. I think that’s critical in our business (and probably in any business), but it really makes me feel good to have those good relationships and have them for a long time.

Toughest Challenges Face in Your Career:

My toughest challenge in my career was in 1999 and 2000. Prudential wanted to get into the multifamily lending business so we bought a company and took it private and I worked on it for about 18 months.  And my mentors really paid off because it took a lot of persistence to get through it and get it closed and I took some personal risk and a lot of hours, but we got it closed and it was very successful.  So I think getting through it and working hard and being persistent paid off.

Lessons Learned from Past Real Estate Cycles:

I think cycles are interesting. For me personally, I think you have to realize that there are cycles, that things do change, and you have to be prepared for them and don’t be too aggressive in the best of times and don’t be too negative in the worst of times. If you can keep up a constant kind of thought process you’ll be better off.

Favorite Places in the Bay Area / World:

Wow that’s a tough question. I love going out to the Presidio—I think those are just beautiful old buildings—and then the de Young Museum I think is a masterpiece and what they’ve done out there is fantastic. And then we have some great office building examples here like in the Embarcadero Center which I think are really great iconic buildings.  In the world? I’m fortunate, I just got back from visiting my son who is in Spain and went to Barcelona and saw the Gaudi architecture which I thought was fantastic.

Favorite Ways to Unwind:

Well I have a special hobby. I have an old car that I race which is a lot of fun. It’s a lot of work but the whole process of getting it ready and working on it and the people involved and the people you meet at the race track make it really fun. In addition to the driving fast which is obviously exciting.

ULI’s Impact on Your Career:

I think ULI has done a lot for my career. One, I think it’s given me a lot of information, a lot of educational benefits. I’ve learned a ton, going at all the programs that ULI offers here locally.  And then I think the networking is great and the more involved you get, the more you deepen your relationship with people and I think that allows you to further your career.

The Executive Summary, developed by Rob DeWaters and Miles Garber, aims to foster wider professional and personal connections across the ULI San Francisco membership.