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San Francisco Ranked Number One By Zipcar

Zipcar Awards Mayor Lee

Zipcar, Inc., the world’s leading car-sharing network, has published its first-ever Future Metropolis Index, which ranks and celebrates top U.S. cities according to five factors:

  • Innovation;
  • Sustainability;
  • Vibrancy/Creativity;
  • Efficiency; and
  • Livability/Optimism.

Based on a robust performance across all five dimensions, the City of San Francisco ranked number one for 2012!

Pictured above, Scott Griffith, Zipcar Chairman and CEO, (left) presents San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee with the 2012 Zipcar Future Metropolis Award.

“Vibrant, efficient and sustainable cities are the key to economic growth around the world,” said Scott Griffith, Zipcar Chairman and CEO. “It’s critical for today’s leaders to create–and sustain–a progressive approach to smart policy, livability and urban development. We created the Zipcar Future Metropolis Index to recognize today’s leaders who are preparing for tomorrow’s challenges. I congratulate Mayor Lee of San Francisco and hope that he continues to make San Francisco a great, Future Metropolis.”

“In San Francisco, we are taking the steps necessary to start securing our green future today,” said Mayor Lee. “We are honored by this prestigious recognition from Zipcar as the top city in sustainability and innovation, and are proud to partner with Zipcar to create jobs and continue to build a greener, sustainable economy.”

To develop the Index, the company teamed up with KRC Research to rank the top 36 most populous U.S. cities. With high marks across all five dimensions, San Francisco proved to be the most sustainable city—based in part on having the highest percentage of hybrid cars.  Additionally, San Francisco ranked as the most vibrant city, due to its many park and open space acres and high number of art-related businesses and jobs.  Seattle, Washington, D.C., Portland, Boston and New York City, respectively, follow closely behind San Francisco.

See the top 10 cities and their corresponding scores.

Photo provided by Zipcar.

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