UrbanPlan at Lowell High School
UrbanPlan Lowell High School


The Mission of UrbanPlan is to create a more civil and sophisticated dialogue about land use at the local level through the education of our future voters, neighbors, public officials, and land use professionals.



Students learn the essence of development: how the forces of our market economy clash and collaborate with the non-market forces of our representative democracy to create the built environment – providing the foundation required for any informed land use discussion.

Objective: High School

Create a more sophisticated level of discourse at the local level (where land use decisions are really made) through the education of tomorrow’s voters, neighbors, colleagues and public officials.

Objective: University

Create more sophisticated and effective land use professionals, including developers, planners, architects, investors and policy makers entering the profession.

Target Audience: High School

Curriculum unit in high school economics classes – juniors and seniors.

Target Audience: University

Graduate students with a focus in land use: MBA, architecture, planning, and law.


UrbanPlan has reached over 20,000 high school and university students across the country since 2003.

More ULI members, including trustees, governors and product council members, participate in UrbanPlan than any other national or local ULI program.

In October 2010, The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) selected UrbanPlan as one of only 20 programs running in the United States – grades k through 12 – for their “What Works in Education” series. GLEF’s mission is to create awareness of innovative and effective curricula and program models in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Their video about UrbanPlan: Developing Minds (located on the right of this page) can be downloaded from iTunes University.

What does it take?

The generosity and commitment of ULI San Francisco’s members and sponsors enable us to sustain and grow UrbanPlan. Thanks to these contributions, we are able to provide all materials and training free of charge to our teachers, students, and volunteers. Learn how you can support UrbanPlan.

Lee Edlund

Lee Edlund

Allen Matkins

UrbanPlan Co-Chair


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Lynette Dias

Lynette Dias

Urban Planning Partners

UrbanPlan Co-Chair


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Contact UrbanPlan Program Director Marisita Jarvis to learn more.


Marisita Jarvis

UrbanPlan Coordinator


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